Pause A While Inc

This Announcement is being made out of the need to plan ahead.

Everyone should be aware that Pause A While Inc is in direct contact with the Barnstable County Health Department Coronavirus Task Force and will be kept up to date on any developments. We will share with you what we learn as soon as we learn about it. In our communication with them yesterday there was no known cases of Covid-19 in Barnstable County, and according to MA State Government there are no known cases as of this morning.

However, if you are concerned or know of anyone that is concerned about attending meetings in person, Pause A While has established a new telephonic meeting:

2pm AA Telephonic Meeting 7 Days per week:
Dial in Number: (425) 436-6360
Access Code: 422932#

Every Group that meets at the Pause should be aware that:

✓ Pause A While Inc will stay open unless the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts limits/ prohibits any public gatherings
✓ All Group meetings are still being held at the Pause at their respective times
However, if a Health order is given that limits or prohibits public gatherings/ meetings, each Group is welcome to use the above conference call number during their respective time slots. For example:

✓ The 7am meeting AA Group can dial in at 7am
✓ The 5pm meeting at 5pm
✓ The SASTO Noontime meeting at 12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
✓ The Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday Al-Anon meetings can also dial in at their respective times and days.
✓ Weekly meetings such as the Tuesday Night Men’s group and Wednesday Women’s Group, Women’s BBSS, the Beginners Welcome meeting on Saturday, Sunday’s Meditation and Young Peoples meetings can all dial in at their respective times
✓ There is room for up to 1,000 callers on each conference call

Since every Group that meets at Pause A While is autonomous, each group should consider having a planning meeting in the immediate future (business meeting). If you wish someone from Pause A While to attend we will be happy to do so.

It is up to the individual Groups to decide if or when they choose to take advantage of the Dial-In numbers. Each Group is responsible for informing their members. Please be prepared to do this ahead of time.

✓ Each Group should decide on any format for the telephonic meeting if they choose to take advantage of it.
✓ Each Group needs to have a telephonic meeting chair to host each meeting.
✓ Each Group should consider how to remain in touch with Group members who cannot attend meetings because they are at higher risk.
✓ Each Group should consider immediately updating their Group phone and email lists (if any).
✓ Each Group should consider having a greeter with a hand sanitizer dispenser to offer to attendees. Pause A While has ample supplies.
✓ While we have been cleaning the Pause with disinfectant. Each Group should consider cleaning surfaces of chairs and tables at the Pause before their meetings begin. There are disinfectant wipes and sprays available at the Pause.
✓ Each group should consider linking arms in place of holding hands at the end of a meeting from now on.

These recommendations are for each Group to consider. Pause A While Inc needs every Group to decide and execute on their individual Group plans. If you have recommendations or suggestions for Pause A While please let us know. (email:

Of far less importance than everyone’s continued health and sobriety, everyone should also be aware that Pause A While is in excellent financial shape with significant levels of operating reserves. In November of 2019, Pause A While was awarded a strategic grant from Cape Cod Healthcare. The grant amount of $23,000 is to help cover additional operating expenses in 2020. We are using these funds to cover the costs of additional cleaning and supplies as well as all paper products for coffee etc.

In summary, we are taking these steps as precautionary measures only. Again, as of this morning there were no known cases of Covid-19 in Barnstable County. However, taking precautionary steps now and planning ahead for certain contingencies is the responsibility for all of us.


For Immediate Release:
Pause A While Inc Orleans Ma

Bruce Bierhans has been appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board for Pause A While Inc.

The Board of Directors of Pause A While Inc is pleased to announce that Bruce Bierhans has agreed to become Chairman of the Pause A While Inc. Advisory Board.

Pause A While Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), located in Orleans Ma. The Pause is dedicated to hosting 12-step recovery meetings. These meetings are the long-term treatment component for alcoholism and drug addiction. Two hundred people per day attend meetings held at the Pause to achieve and maintain their sobriety. 12-step recovery meetings have been held at the current location for nearly 20 years, and also include meetings held to support the loved ones and families of those who are suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism. More recently, meetings have been added to support teenage children with one or both parents who are alcoholic and/or addicted.

Paul Dart, President of the Board of Directors for Pause A While Inc indicates that “having someone of Mr. Bierhans’ caliber and dedication to the Cape Cod community, is an evolutionary step for the Pause A While organization. Bruce’s family, like so many others, has been touched by alcoholism and addiction. His uncle and best friend as a youth, Stephen Miller, passed away as the result of alcoholism and depression. The Gosnold ‘Miller House’ was dedicated in Stephen’s name.” Mr. Bierhans, a trial and business lawyer by profession, has extensive experience with many of the Cape’s nonprofits, focused both in healthcare and in performing arts.

Mr. Bierhans currently serves as Chairman of the Cape Wellness Collaborative, a local nonprofit providing integrative therapies for cancer patients. He is also the former Chairman of Outer Cape Health Services. In the Cape’s performing arts scene, Mr. Bierhans was a co-founder and serves as a current board member of Wellfleet Preservation Hall. He assisted in the board’s initial efforts to raise funds to purchase and renovate the iconic Catholic church in the center of town. He was also the former President of the Payomet Performing Arts Center, former CEO and Chairman, Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (WHAT) and former Chairman, Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. He is a current Vice President of WOMR.

According to Mr. Dart, “The Pause is on the front lines in the battle of addiction and alcoholism. In the Cape communities served by the Pause, there are 1200 patients admitted to local hospitals, detoxes, and rehabs for alcoholism and addiction each year. The Pause provides the critical space for 12-Step meetings for 200 individuals per day in various stages of recovery. These meetings are essential to the long- term treatment for substance abuse.”

“Helping build critical community organizations is a passion for Bruce, and we are lucky to have him join us. Pause A While is facing the urgent task to purchase our current location or lose access to it entirely by 2022. Protecting access requires the Pause organization to reach out to individuals, the Cape business community, and the Cape’s community leaders. Bruce is the cornerstone of that effort.”

Bruce Bierhans added, “When I first met Paul at the Pause A While location, I was extremely impressed by the facility, but more so, by the number of people that visit the facility each day for the underlying 12-Step programs. I believe that the important work done at the Pause is an essential component of the efforts by many to address alcoholism and addiction on the Cape. I look forward to helping the organization purchase its home so that the good work taking place there can continue uninterrupted”

Pause a While is not affiliated with any 12-Step Group. It is an independent organization. By providing daily access to a dedicated meeting hall, Pause A While’s mission is to foster the sense of continuity and community within the recovery population and their families. Pause A While Inc. is an all-volunteer organization; there are no paid staff members or executive officers. Pause A While is launching a Capital Campaign to raise funds to purchase both its current location at 26 Giddiah Hill Rd., as well as the adjacent lot. More Information can be found on the organization’s website

Paul J. Dart
President, Board of Directors
Pause A While Inc.

Candy Hammond
Member of the Board and Director of Communications
Pause A While Inc

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