Welcome to Pause A While “The Pause”

The Pause is a Community Center for Recovery which supports both alcoholics and addicts as well as family members and loved ones of those suffering from substance misuse.  We facilitate this by providing a dedicated space for 12-step meetings and year-round sober social activities. 

With on average four meetings held at the facility each day, and with close to 200 individuals attending these meetings, The Pause is one of the largest dedicated facilities of its type in Massachusetts.

12-step meetings are the long-term treatment component for alcoholism and addiction. Individuals who are attending these 12-step meetings each day are actively and successfully treating their addiction and alcoholism. There are also meetings held at The Pause which provide support to families and loved ones of alcoholics and addicts: including meetings for the children affected by a parent’s addiction or alcoholism.

Pause A While, the facility, is operated and managed by an independent nonprofit: Pause A While Inc., a 501(C)3 organization. Both The Pause, the facility, and the nonprofit manager of the facility, Pause A While Inc, are not affiliated with any 12-step recovery group such as AA.